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15 July 2020

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Covid-19 travel restrictions are gradually eased.

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mtm Europe

Connecting European destinations with the media.

15 July 2020

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15 July 2020
Duration: 1 Day

mtm Europe  FAQ

1. The first completely virtual media workshop: What is so special about mtm Europe?

mtm Europe is happening now, at a time when debate, information and positive communication are all important as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s more, an online event eliminates travel expenses: since you can attend mtm Europe in the comfort of your home or office, there is no need to travel to and from the event.
And technically, it’s manageable: all you need is a computer, laptop or tablet and a headset (or loudspeakers and a microphone attached to your computer or laptop).
You don’t need to instal any software: you simply connect in your preferred browser.
Last, but by no means least, media representatives will also receive our ‘Yummy Europe Box’.

2. What is the ‘Yummy Europe Box’?

The ‘Yummy Europe Box’ is a package that will be shipped in time for the workshop to media representatives whose participation has been confirmed, to the keep them going throughout the day. It contains coffee, English tea, Dutch stroopwafels, Ricola from Switzerland, Italian pasta and pesto for lunch, ... but we will say no more.

3. What do I have to do to participate in mtm Europe?

  • Register on and create your profile
  • Decide whether you’d prefer to receive an invoice or pay by credit card and submit
  • Receive initial confirmation of your registration
  • TourComm checks your registration and gets in touch with you if needs be
  • TourComm sends you the final confirmation

4. The first completely virtual media workshop: Why are the participants (journalists and providers) from all over Europe and not only from the German-speaking countries?

Coronavirus-related travel restrictions within Europe are currently being gradually eased or at least reconsidered. The speed at which ‘normality’ has resumed in the last four weeks suggests that this will continue over the next few weeks. Yes, a good proportion of holidaymakers will spend their summer and autumn holidays in their own country, but many will also travel to other European countries by car. Consequently, all the European media need the latest information and holiday ideas for autumn. And since the workshop is completely online, eliminating the need for travel, media and destination participants from all over Europe can benefit from mtm Europe.
Both the event and its website are in English. Naturally, the one-on-one meetings can be conducted in any language preferred by both parties.

5. Which tourism-related entities are invited to participate in mtm Europe?

  • Destination marketing organisations
    • National tourism organisations
    • National marketing organisations (federal states, cantons)
    • Regional destinations and marketing cooperatives
    • Cities
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums
  • Top hotels
  • Airlines, railway and shipping companies, etc.

6. Which tourism-related participants would benefit from mtm Europe?

All those who do not intend to just give a 14-minute presentation, but are also prepared to engage in discussion and address the specific interests of the journalists they talk to. All those who can skilfully present their products and experiences, and are also willing to invest time in following up their meetings (“… I’ll send this to you …”). All those who want to benefit from valuable contacts even after the event.

7. We are only a small destination or provider. Would participating in mtm Europe and the associated financial commitment still be worthwhile?

Most definitely (see above).
What is important is that you can create a narrative and communicate your USPs as well as the outstanding features of your destination or product to the specific media representatives. Just compare the financial commitment required for this event with that required for other activities when considering your marketing expenses.

8. How many participants will there be?

As organisers, we are more concerned about the quality of mtm Europe for all participants than the number of participants. Therefore, we will screen all participants and verify their profile information, in particular those of media representatives that register interest in the event. We will also ensure there is an appropriate balance between the numbers of media representatives and tourism providers.

9. Why will mtm Europe be held on 15 July, right in the middle of summer?

Normally, the holiday season would look somewhat different. We had originally planned to hold mtm Europe in autumn. However, when we spoke to various journalists as we developed the mtm Europe concept, we realised that there is a great need for information right now: information about quieter, less frequented holiday regions, cities where certain normality has already resumed and special tips, previously unknown to holidaymakers.

We also discussed it extensively with tourism-industry representatives and established that despite summer and a holiday season of sorts, this year will most likely be different. There is a need for information now.

10. What does ‘virtual meeting’ mean anyway?

The software we’re using has already been successfully tried and tested at various events. Once you have been confirmed as a participant of mtm Europe, you’ll be able to log in on with your username and password on 15 July. All your prearranged meetings are listed in chronological order on your personalised agenda. Just click each one at the specified time to join the meeting. This is a one-on-one video meeting: you can talk using your webcam and headset, send links and messages through the chat window, and share your desktop. Once you have reached 14 minutes, a discreet countdown of the last two minutes will appear. The meeting ends after 16 minutes, leaving you with four minutes to finalise things and get yourself a tea or coffee. Then repeat for your next meeting.

11. How are meetings at mtm Europe set up?

You can set up meetings as from 7 July, one week before mtm Europe. All you have to do is accept or decline meeting requests you receive and wait for a reply to meeting requests you send.
The detailed profile that every participant creates on registering helps you select the most appropriate people to talk to. Furthermore, you can also establish contact with other participants prior to setting up a meeting and exchange significant information such as press kits, press releases and audience figures.

12. Why register now?

Firstly, mtm Europe is open to a limited number of participants: in the interest of quality, we will ensure there is an appropriate balance between the numbers of tourism providers and media representatives. This may mean that we may be unable to accept further registrations in the event of exceptionally high uptake by destinations and other providers, as well as the media. Secondly, an attractive early-bird fee of only €849 will apply if you register before 10 June. A regular fee of €999 will apply afterwards. The participation fee is net and does not include VAT.

13. Who should participate in mtm Europe?

mtm Europe is relevant to both domestic and international marketing and media. Due to this, the workshop will be held in English.

14. Which journalists or media representatives have been invited? Are there also German-speaking journalists?

We have invited several thousand media representatives with an interest in tourism, travel and holidays from German-speaking and other European countries to participate in mtm Europe. We will research each media representative that expresses an interest in the workshop to determine whether the profile and specified media match the event. Only then will we confirm their participation in mtm Europe. The majority of media representatives attending mtm Europe will be from the UK and Germany.

15. What will the day’s programme look like?


09:00 onwards       Virtual check-in
09:30                        Welcome address
09:40                        Keynote address
10:00                        1st meeting
12:40                        9th meeting
13:00                        Lunch break programme
13:40                        10th meeting
17:00                        20th meeting
17:20                        Review
17:30 onwards       Virtual networking


All times are CEST.

16. What do I need to have ready for mtm Europe?

You will need:

  • a laptop or PC with a webcam, microphone and speakers (or a headset);
  • an Internet connection;
  • a comfortable chair;
  • to be well prepared for your meetings, including the message you would like to get across;
  • paper and a pen;
  • coffee, tea, water and snacks; and
  • to be in a good mood and willing to listen.